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Prevented-planting Coverage Available for Inaccessible Fields

Prevented-planting Coverage

Some farmers can't get to their fields becase of washed-out roads.

Many farmers throughout North Dakota, particularly in the Devils Lake Basin, are dealing with washed-out roads or roads too soft to carry heavy farm equipment.

In many cases, these roads will not be repaired for some time. This leaves farmers with land that may be dry enough to plant but they are unable to get equipment to these fields.

According to the Risk Management Agency, these fields qualify for prevented-planting coverage under multiperil crop insurance policies.

“It is important that farmers experiencing these conditions contact their insurance agent as soon as this situation is apparent,” says Dwight Aakre, North Dakota State University Extension Service farm management specialist. “It is very important for producers to stay in communication with their insurance company to keep the agent apprised of their situation through the final planting deadline. Good communication through their agent to their insurance company is critical to avoid surprises.”

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